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How much does the Home Owners presentation impact the Marketability of the home?

A lot. When you list a property with the Korey Rowlson Group in or around Jackson, MI, we will discuss presentation. This usually happens before photos. It will be important to go through the home and declutter. Clutter tells a buyer that there is not enough storage in this home. Some people like to remove photos or highly specific décor such as Taxidermy that may turn some buyers away. You want buyers to picture themselves in the home, that is easier if the home does not have a strong feel of it being someone else's.

The room in this photo was from a listing that I helped sell last winter. The room feels clean, light, and airy. You notice the hardwood floors and arches along with the pillars. Had the room been cluttered or had some extreme décor it would have distracted from the homes features.

Here are some other good notes, dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller, and they also show paint and wall imperfections more. Dusting for cobwebs and remembering the fan blades is beneficial to someone's feelings about the home. This and remembering to change the furnace filter speak to how well the home is maintained. I hope this was helpful.

By Korey Rowlson


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