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Map of the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes

Michigan Center Chain of Lakes

The Michigan Center Chain of Lakes

      This Chain of Lakes from West to East consists of Round Lake, Center Lake, Price Lake, (Dollar Lake which is often considered part of Little Olcott) Little Olcott Lake, Olcott Lake, Big Wolf Lake, and Little Wolf Lake.  If you live here or are looking to buy, or live here yourself, check out this article about flood zones that may be very useful.

      Center Lake is the largest on the chain taking up 850 acres and having a deepest point of 28 feet deep and is located in Michigan Center, Michigan.  Center lake is very natural and has a lot of natural wildlife from deer, squirrels, and rabbits to ducks, geese, and swan. home to the Carp Carnival which is usually in early June.  The Michigan Center Lions club has a lakeside park by the boat launch and offers entertainment and events throughout the year.  There are two public boat launches on this lake. One on 5th Street and one on Washington Drive.  Both offer parking. There are more on the chain as well.
















      Big Wolf Lake is the next largest lake on the chain and helps to anchor the other end of this beautiful chain located in Jackson County.  Located between Little Wolf Lake and Olcott Lake, Big Wolf Lake is 375 Acres with a deepest point of 45 feet.  This lake has a popular sandbar along the North side of the lake where boaters consistently tie off to enjoy the lake atmosphere and get together.  This sandbar has been home to popular summer concerts around the fourth of July and draws a large crowd.  Big Wolf Lake is also home to the Wolf Lake Yacht Club located on Highland Drive which was built on the old Wolf Lake Casino site after it burned down.  The Yacht club offers lakefront dock slips to it's members based on a waiting list process.  This is a membership based organization, and there is a process to becoming a member, but they do host open events for the public.  The Yacht club hosts a 4th of July parade and breakfast, Easter egg hunt, Barbeque, concerts, yard sales, Euchre nights, and much more. For more information about the club, Check out our Video here or check out this blog. In addition to the Yacht club, Wolf Lake is also home to the Wolf Lake Ski club.  This group meets regularly throughout the summer and works on different water skiing tricks.  They have done shows on both Wolf and Michigan Center Lake.  There is also a boat launch down in the Oak Point area for launching and removing boats.  There is no parking here for after you launch.

      Little Wolf lake is the furthest East.  This lake is 106 acres and has a deepest point of 50 feet.  It also offers a lakefront grassy park with a sandy bottom for families to swim and enjoy the large park across the street.  This park is located on Wolf Lake Road between Grass Lake and Napoleon.  The park does have a pavilion across the street and playground equipment for families to enjoy along with a grill.  On this lake there is also a boat launch at what has been Butterfields Landing on the North side of the lake.  There are also channels that can be navigated for different homeowners.

      On the other end of Big Wolf Lake you have Olcott Lake which can be seen easily from Napoleon Road and South Portage Road.  Olcott Lake is 40 acres and its deepest point is 25 feet.  This connects Big Wolf Lake to Little Olcott.  The bridge on Napoleon road separating Olcott and Little Olcott Lake is a low bridge and only certain boats can actually go under this bridge.  The bridge is also a very popular fishing spot. If you are planning to travel from one end to the other, you should definitely check this bridge out first and make sure your boat can make it under.

      Little Olcott Lake connects Olcott and Dollar Lake.  Little Olcott Lake is 22 acres and has a deepest point of 22 feet.  You can see Little Olcott from Napoleon road and Moon Lake road. Like many of these lakes there is a lot of the surrounding land that is very natural still.  You will see a good amount of ducks and geese in this area, which can be said for most of these lakes.

       Dollar Lake is next connecting Little Olcott which is why it is often just considered to be part of Little Olcott and a long channel to Price Lake.  Dollar Lake can be seen from Moon Lake road.  Dollar Lake is 10 acres with a deepest point of 15 feet, making it the smallest and possibly the most private on the chain of lakes. 

      Price Lake is 40 Acres with a deepest point of 32 feet deep and can be seen from Napoleon Road and the Coronado Neighborhood.  This lake is more recently developed with lake view vacant land lots still available in some of the area neighborhoods as of creating this page. 

      Round Lake is another smaller lake offering 45 Acres and has a deepest point of 9 feet.  Located in Michigan Center and connecting to Center lake through a channel it is at the far west end and can be seen from 5th street which turns into W Grove Ave.  Grove Ave runs right along the lakes North and west shores offer good views.  That does cause the lakefront properties to be across the street from the homes that own the water frontage.  When looking at properties to buy, or visit with pets or children, that is something to keep in mind.  If you are interested in living on this chain of lakes, feel free to check out some of the lakefront listings available.  Here are some that I have had listed, 212 Duryeas Point Drive Michigan Center, MI 49254, and 153 Bennett Drive Michigan Center, MI 49254.

More content and pictures to come as we continue to work on making this the best page for all information regarding the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes. Please check out our blog links to learn more about the lake area and feel free to reach out to us with questions or helpful information about the lakes.


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