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How to determine what lake property is right for you

With any purchase, you have to determine what would be right for you. There is a process of deciding what you want and what you are willing to pay.

First, I think it is important to identify how you intend to use the property. In order to be satisfied with what you purchase, you need to decide how you will use it. Will this property be your primary residence that you live in all year? Will it be a secondary home that you or family and friends visit and stay at for periods of time? This makes a big difference in deciding what traits you are looking for. If the property is going to be lived in all year then you may be looking at things such as school districts more closely. You may also decide that it needs a larger garage than if it was just a secondary home that you visited seasonally. So once you have decided that aspect, we can move on to the next qualifier.

What area are you looking at? If this is a primary residence, you may consider school districts or proximity to work. If this is a secondary home, consider how far is it from your primary home, are you comfortable with that drive time every time you want to visit, check on, or work on the property? You may also consider, what is it near for entertainment, food, and shopping, or some people consider proximity to hospitals, hobby shops, or fitness centers.

Now that you know how you intend to use the home, and what area you are hoping to be in, let's consider how you want to enjoy the lake. Are you looking for something where it is very natural and quiet? Do you want a lake that has more activity and options for how you can use the lake? Some lakes are non-motor lakes, and some are all sports lakes. You need to know if you want to be able to use a boat, jet skis, or if you want to fish off your dock and sit outside in nature with no interruptions.

Let's turn our attention to your lot and home now. With your vision taking shape, it is time that we look at what is most important to you next. Is it the lot that you have, or the home that you have? It could be a mix. First lets talk lots. Maybe a smaller lot is fine so long as it is lakefront. Maybe you want a great lot with a low price home that may need torn down because you intend to build something new. Some lots are larger than others, they have different views, and different neighborhoods. You may also be considering your lot's water frontage while you think about this too. Is it a walk out sandy area, rocky, is there sea weed and lily pad coverage? Is the lot level with an easy walk out to your dock, or is it up on a hill with a great view?

Now lets talk about the houses. Do you need something that is a single story ranch or at least has a main floor bedroom? What about the garage spaces? If this is the primary home you may want a lot larger house with more bathrooms and a garage. If this is the secondary home, maybe a smaller but versatile house would work better. Having fewer bathrooms and smaller bedrooms may be fine in this scenario as you won't be staying there as long and it is just for a retreat.

Now that we have discussed how you can go about determining what type of lake property is right for you, give me a call or a text. Let me know if you had any questions about what lake might be right for you. I can also set up a property search for you. I am happy to share my experience with lakes and owning a lakefront home on the Michigan Center chain of lakes. I look forward to helping answer any questions you may have and hopefully helping you with your lake home needs either buying or selling.

Korey Rowlson

Associate Broker, five star



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