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Wolf Lake Waterski Club- good family fun on our chain of lakes

The first time I heard about the Wolf Lake Waterski Club it was from someone who skies with them. She mentioned that they ski regularly, and since we were members of the Wolf Lake Yacht Club, have used Wolf Lake many times over the years, and lived close by I was intrigued. Over the summer we were able to stop out at the Yacht Club during their Wednesday evening skiing. My family and I enjoyed watching and I continued to learn a little more about them.

Last summer the Wolf Lake Waterski Club did one of their events over at the other end of the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes on Center Lake and I saw Facebook posts and pictures shared of the event. It looked like good entertainment, and a nice family activity to get into. JTV did a nice drone video of some of their pyramid skiing in 2019. You can see it here.

There is also a nice article from Mlive in 2015 that gives a good amount of information. They talk about how the Wolf Lake Ski Club has been around since the 1950's and is experiencing renewed interest and growth in the group. As a parent of young children and someone with a lakefront home on the chain of lakes I really found the part where they taught beginners how to ski intriguing. In the article from Mlive they talk about how they start them off holding on to a boom off the side of the boat. I have never seen anything like this, but did find a video online of them teaching someone how to ski using the boom. The boom will attach to the side of the boat, and someone with skis on holds on as they take off and then get up on top. After awhile, they have them let go and gradually lean back to get down. The next step you see them do is to have a five foot ski rope and handle hanging from the boom and the skier gets to take off from that position. Eventually you see the new skier even take a hand off of the handle and wave.

In addition to this, and individual or group skiing, the group also works on a 3 or 5 person pyramid. For this, they practice on land as well, working on climbing and forming the pyramid properly as well as safely dismounting, etc. The Wolf Lake Waterski Club can be found on Facebook for more information. Check them out this summer on our beautiful Michigan Center chain of lakes.

Written by Korey Rowlson

Associate Broker, Korey Rowlson Group

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