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Michigan Center Carp Carnival at the chain of lakes

Just like the school year, the Michigan Center Carp Carnival has come and gone (It is the last day as I write this). The carnival was once again a nice event for the community. The rides were ranging from the farris wheel, spinning swings ride, and fun house on down to the kids alligator train ride, tilt a whirl ride, and the super tall slide.

In addition to the rides, the event also offered games to play such as the ring toss, or the darts to pop balloons and win a prize. As with other years, they offered food options such as the Fiske Fries, Fisk lemonade, and Elephant toes (similar to Elephant ears I assume). For the adults there was also live music performed as well.

This photo is courtesy of JTV. Click here to see their entire photo gallery. These images are from last years Carp Carnival.

The Michigan Center Carp Carnival takes place right on at the park in Michigan Center along Fifth street across from the Lions Club located right along the public boat launch for Center Lake. This allowed several boat owners from the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes to travel up by boat and park to sit and enjoy the carnival and music.

Be sure to keep a look out for the upcoming 4th of July Celebration on Center Lake. This will be another great opportunity for those on the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes to come together and create some memories and have a good time. The Fireworks will be on Monday, July 3rd at dusk. There will be a DJ earlier in the afternoon, followed by live music starting at 6pm out at Dureyeas Point. We always want everyone to be safe on and in the water, so do your best to make it a great and safe event if attending. Tuesday July 4th at 1pm there will be a boat parade, so if you are in the area, try to take that event in as well.

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