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What to do if you have water that is Rusty, or smells like rotten eggs.

Nobody wants to have bad water. I certainly would not feel excited to use bad well water to use for drinking or brushing my teeth. So what do you do if your home has one of those issues?

There are some basic steps you can take at home.

Which issue are you having? Does your water smell like rotten eggs or sulfur? If it does, check to see if it is your hot water only, or if it is your hot and cold water both that have the odor.

If it is only your hot water, you may need to replace the rod in your hot water heater. This should be done by a qualified professional.

If your water is rusty, or both hot and cold water smell like sulfur, you may want to have your water tested further and be sure that your water softener is installed properly and set to the correct setting. If the water is going into the outlet end on your softener, and out of the inlet (aka hooked up backwards) this is not treating the water properly and is doing little to nothing to help your water treatment. A professional can also test your water for free and tell you what your softener should be set to for hardness. If both of these steps are taken care of, you may need to consider some sort of a filter after your softener on the water supply line. Discuss this with the professional who does your free water test. They can let you know if they think an Iron Filter is needed for your system. You may be able to get a regular in line filter to remove whatever impurities you have left in your system.

One other thing to keep in mind is that some homes have the cold water that is ran to the kitchen diverted to the kitchen before it goes through the water softener. This is to have the cold drinking water be free of the salt from a water softener.

I hope that this information was useful. Feel free to reach out to us with any of your Real Estate related questions. We may surprise you with some good info.

Korey Rowlson, Associate Broker


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