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You may be able to remove your Lakefront home from a flood zone

There is a way to see if your Michigan Center Chain of Lakes property (Round Lake, Center Lake, Price Lake, Dollar Lake, Little Olcott Lake, Olcott Lake, Big Wolf Lake, and Little Wolf Lake) can be removed from a flood zone. If it can be removed from the flood zone, then you may qualify for a reduced cost for optional flood insurance. We do not recommend going without, but some people do remove it at their own risk. Check out the FEMA Flood Map here.

When we purchased our lakefront home on the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes in Jackson County Michigan we were unhappy with how high the Flood insurance was going to be. Many home buyers see this number and are deterred as well. This sometimes even causes home sales to fall through. However, in speaking with our lender, they recommended that we have a survey done. There were no guarantees, but they said that it was common on the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes for a survey to find that your home was actually outside of the flood zone. If that happened, you could either remove the flood insurance (which we do not recommend and is otherwise required by a lender) or you could get flood insurance at a lower rate. Our lender recommended Alpine Land Survey and we did use them. They charged $300 for an elevation check and filed the FEMA application for us which cost $600. Another local survey company we have used in the past is Ripstra and Scheppelman Inc. They are even located right in Michigan Center.

Something to pay attention to is the fact that if you alter the footprint of your property you will need to have a new survey done. There may be other items that trigger a new survey to be needed as well, so do your homework first.

Mlive wrote about this changing back around 2010 when FEMA updated their flood zone maps. The article said that the rezoning moved the Jackson area homeowners in flood zones from roughly 2600 to roughly 4000. It is believed that this rezoning was potentially brought on by the need for additional funds after so many nationwide payouts in the 2000's around New Orleans and New York from Hurricanes.

I hope this Lakefront home ownership tip is useful. Please continue to check our website blogs and upcoming webpages as we continue to add more content and become the best website for Lakefront Home owners around the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes in Jackson County Michigan.

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