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Which boat launch fits your needs best on the Center Lake/ Big Wolf Lake chain of lakes?

Our beautiful chain of lakes offers some great perks. The public park on Little Wolf Lake for swimming, the history of the Wolf Lake Casino, the sand bars for enjoyment, and the multiple boat launches for getting out and enjoying the water. This article will break down your different launch options and allow you to make your own decision where you best go if you haven't already found your favorite.

The paved boat launch at 639 Washington Dr. in Michigan Center offers two sides of the dock to launch on and plenty of parking for truck and trailer length vehicles. This launch is on Center Lake.

The other launch on Center Lake is located at 506 Fifth Street in Michigan Center. This launch offers an aluminum dock and a paved entry for launching. You will also see a lot of fishing taking place here. This launch is closed during the Carp Carnival, so keep this in mind if launching your boat onto the Michigan Center Chain of Lakes in June.

The Oak Point launch gets you onto Big Wolf Lake. If your boat is too large to get under the bridge on Napoleon Road, this launch gives you a nice option to access Olcott Lake, Big Wolf Lake, or Little Wolf Lake. The launch is located back in the Oak Point subdivision off of Oak Point Dr, which can be accessed from Oak Point Road just before it turns into Rexford Road. There is no parking here, so you will need to have a plan for the vehicle and an extra driver if looking to launch here. You may consider heading over to Little Wolf Lake County Park for nearby parking that could hold a truck and trailer. Planning ahead is best here.

Butterfields Landing over on Little Wolf Lake has a launch as well. This launch is restricted and you would need to make sure that this is something you call ahead and plan for. Recently, the property has been for sale, so things may be different when you read this. Previously, this property offered a docking scenario where people could leave their boat for the summer and pay a fee for docking their for the year.

I hope that this article was useful and will help you to get out and enjoy all that Wolf lake, Little Wolf lake, Olcott lake, Little Olcott lake, Price lake, Center lake, and Round lake have to offer. As a lakefront owner on this chain, I have a unique perspective to offer as a Realtor. I am happy to help anyone looking to buy or sell on this beautiful chain of lakes. If you have been shopping for a lakefront home or a channel front home for long, you know that it is different than the regular housing market, I can help with that.

Korey Rowlson

Associate Broker

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