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Loomis Park in Jackson has been finished and is helpful for neighborhood property values

If you are familiar with Jackson, Michigan you probably remember the the old wooden playground at Loomis Park right by the Hospital. Well, the old park was finally removed after many great years of play and memories for generations. The park has been completely updated and has been done in a wonderful way.

There are several experiences for working out located on the cement sidewalks throughout the park. Some are focused on upper body, some on lower body. There are even signs showing how to use them.

In addition to that, the park features a nice playground with updated equipment. They offer rock walls, bridges, slides, a xylophone, and more that can keep the kids active and entertained for a long time. The parks Pavilion has also been revamped and is larger with a metal roof. The basketball courts and green space are still there as well.

When it comes to being a homeowner in the area, your property just became more desirable to some buyers and you should see those buyers being more interested in your area. With that being the case you should see more competition for your home and in the end net a higher home sale price. I just thought this was a nice touch for the City of Jackson and that it should be shared. I hope you had a chance to check out the photos.


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